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Título: E.U. Offers Turkey 3 Billion Euros to Stem Migrant Flow
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País Fuente: Estados Unidos
Fuente: The New York Times
Autor: James Kanter and Andrew Higgins
Fecha de Publicación: 29/12/2015
Género textual: Nota informativa
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País de los Hechos: Alemania
Localidad de los Hechos: territorio nacional
Impacto: América del Norte
Ruta: territorio europeo
Documento Relacionado: Union Europea / Economía
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Género: No especificado
Composición: No especificado
Grupos vulnerables: Asilados
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  • Causas: Económicas
Síntesis de la Noticia: Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, speaking to reporters late Sunday, acknowledged that the agreement, under which Europe will provide 3 billion euros, about $3.2 billion, and other inducements in return for Turkish help on migrants, would not immediately halt the flow of asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere. But Ms. Merkel said it would help “keep people in the region” and out of Europe. The meeting, the seventh gathering of European leaders since the spring regarding the divisive question of migration, came days after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane and added a new element of uncertainty to a crisis that has overwhelmed Europe. Another cloud hanging over the Brussels gathering was the arrest last week of two prominent Turkish journalists, a move that deepened concerns among human rights activists and some European politicians that Turkey had taken an authoritarian turn under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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