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Título: The Refugee Crisis Is Europe’s Moral Obligation, and America’s Too
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País Fuente: Estados Unidos
Fuente: The Nation
Autor: Katha Pollitt
Fecha de Publicación: 25/12/2016
Género textual: Noticia
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Impacto: Resto del mundo
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Síntesis de la Noticia: “The refugees are showing us the best of Austria,” a Viennese friend told me over tea last month in one of the cozy cafés near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, “and also the worst.” The best would be the many ordinary people who have responded with help to the extraordinary, unprecedented wave of humanity that flowed across Austria’s eastern borders this fall: food and water, clothes and blankets and diapers. At Vienna’s main train stations, volunteers provided weary travelers en route to Germany with meals and, for some, a place to sleep. Even the rightleaning tabloids were full of heartrending stories from the temporary camp at Spielfeld on the Slovenian border, where people were freezing at night in the open air. Nor is this limited to Austria: “Do you know who is taking care of the migrants in Germany?” my friend asked. “Middle-aged women!”

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