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Título: Regulating Flow of Refugees Gains Urgency in Greece and Rest of Europe
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País Fuente: Estados Unidos
Fuente: The New York Times
Autor: Rick Lyman
Fecha de Publicación: 25/12/2015
Género textual: Noticia
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País de los Hechos: Grecia
Localidad de los Hechos: costas griegas
Impacto: Europa
Ruta: Mediterraneo -Europa
Documento Relacionado: crisis migratoria
Temporalidad: No especificado
Género: No especificado
Composición: No especificado
Grupos vulnerables: Asilados
  • Marco Jurídico: Planes y Programas Gubernamentales
  • Marco Jurídico: Convenios e Instrumentos Internacionales
  • Intervención Migratoria: Internacional Institucional
  • Intervención Migratoria: Multilateral Institucional
  • Aplicación de la Política Migratoria: Protección grupos vulnerables
  • Derechos Humanos: Defensa
  • Derechos Humanos: Protección
  • Derechos Humanos: Violaciones
  • Trabajo: Servicios
  • Trabajo: No especificado
  • Seguridad Fronteriza: Seguridad Fronteriza
  • Seguimiento y Evaluación: Medición/Registro de desempeño
Síntesis de la Noticia: On a recent day here on the Greek island of Lesbos, hundreds of asylum seekers squatted on ragged hillsides or rested in a warren of tentlike structures, clothes drying on leafless trees, as they waited to be registered and sent by ferry to the European mainland. Just a few yards away, a reception center, long promised by European Union authorities to help Greece manage the number of migrants overwhelming these islands, remained under construction. “We will be finished, I believe, by mid-December,” Stratis Manolakellis, a 37-year-old engineer overseeing the work, said as a Greek soldier in a bulldozer systematically battered an old military mess at the site. “And then, it will be very different here.” In the wake of the Paris attacks, just how different — and how soon — has become an urgent matter not only for Greece but for all of Europe. The unsettling knowledge that at least some of the Paris attackers whose Nov. 13 assaults killed 130 people entered Europe by infiltrating the throngs of migrants who have inundated Greek islands has now made security as much of a priority as humanitarian relief.

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