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Título: Muslim Refugee and His Family Find a Haven in Harlem
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País Fuente: Estados Unidos
Fuente: The New York Times
Autor: Eleanor Stanford
Fecha de Publicación: 25/12/2015
Género textual: Noticia
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País de los Hechos: Estados Unidos
Localidad de los Hechos: Harlem
Impacto: Nacional
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Documento Relacionado: refugiados musulmanes
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Grupos vulnerables: Asilados
  • Marco Jurídico: Convenios e Instrumentos Internacionales
  • Aplicación de la Política Migratoria: Protección grupos vulnerables
  • Derechos Humanos: Defensa
Síntesis de la Noticia: The second time men went to Drissa Cisse’s home to look for him, he knew it was time to run. It was late 2009 in Ivory Coast. For nearly a decade, opposition to the president, Laurent Gbagbo, had been repressed by death squads, men who traveled the country kidnapping and killing civilians. They targeted perceived political dissidents, but also Muslims and members of the Dioula ethnic group. Mr. Cisse, 40, was affiliated with Rally of the Republicans, the liberal opposition party, and was a Dioula and a practicing Muslim. The gas station he owned was vandalized twice, and two of his cars were set on fire, he said. The second time two men went to the family home in the capital city, Yamoussoukro, Mr. Cisse was away at work. His wife, Aminata Sylla, was just getting out of the shower. The men searched the house and left

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