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Título: The Price of Fear
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País Fuente: Estados Unidos
Fuente: The New York Times
Autor: The Editorial Board
Fecha de Publicación: 20/11/2015
Género textual: Nota informativa
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País de los Hechos: Francia
Localidad de los Hechos: Paris
Impacto: Europa
Ruta: Mediterraneo -Europa
Documento Relacionado: crisis migratoria / extremismos politicos / radicalismo religioso / terrorismo
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Género: No especificado
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Grupos vulnerables: Asilados
  • Francesa
  • Marco Jurídico: Disposiciones constitucionales
  • Aplicación de la Política Migratoria: Protección grupos vulnerables
  • Derechos Humanos: Defensa
  • Derechos Humanos: Violaciones
Síntesis de la Noticia: After the attacks in Paris, the world is again challenged by fear. With every bombing, beheading and mass shooting, the dread spreads, along with the urgency of defeating this nihilism. But no less a challenge for the civilized world is the danger of self-inflicted injury. In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism comes the risk that society will lose its way. History is replete with examples of the power of fear and ignorance, to which even the great can fall prey. Franklin Roosevelt calmed a nation in bleakest days of the Depression, but he also signed the executive order imprisoning tens of thousands of American citizens for the crime of Japanese ancestry. In our time, disastrous things have been done in the name of safety: the invasion of Iraq, spawned by delusion and lies; the creation of an offshore fortress, sequestered from the Constitution, to lock up those perceived as threats, no matter the cost and injustice; an ever-expanding surveillance apparatus, to spy on the people, no matter the futility.

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